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Well, it’s been quite a few months since we’ve shared a blog with you on our diary, but, in light of our winter collection Year Of The Goat being released, we thought we’d let you know what’s been going on, and give a bit more into about what is in this collection. 

Firstly, this collection is pretty different from our last two, not only because we’ve moved away from Wax Cotton and are embracing other fabrics, but also because we have tried to include more basics. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at that and wondering how a bright red tartan cape or a line up of gold frolicking goats on a pinafore could be considered basic, well, you’re right, they aren’t – but, they aren’t as crazy as what Jacqui had in mind at the beginning. She put a chilled chocolate brown flip side on the tartan cape, and made the pinafore black to blend into Melbourne’s fascination with the classic colour.  

So, let’s take a look-see at the 7 out of 8 (one piece is running late 😉 )pieces that make up our Winter ’15 Year Of The Goat Collection.

Heart On My Sleeve Dress

 heartonmysleeveorange4 heartonmysleeveorange3


Our Heart On Sleeve Dress in orange and red are slightly different at the neckline and hemline, but both are killing it in terms of oh-so-retro-seventies fabric and cute details! Obviously the cutest details are the heart cut out thumb holes. Now, you all know we’re not novices at the heart cut out. We’ve been putting it on dresses and tops for more than a year now, but, this was a much small heart and particular for winter. Jacqui often pokes her thumbs through cardigans and sweaters that are too long, so, she thought instead of ruining sleeves, why not make it intentionally have long sleeves & a pretty cut out shape?  We’ve only got a few of these because, like most things, we want to snuffle out whether other people aside from Jacqui want to own this. Ha!

Moroccan Sheer Top


This Moroccan Sheer Top is a very new style for us – sheer, light weight, sexy as all hell and then we’ve added some gorgeous Moroccan stylized flowers screen printed as a feature. The waterfall arm design means it flows so beautiful and in the week that Jacqui got this shipment from Hanoi, she already sold two! They are moving fast! That is great feedback and Jacqui has already decided to release black and white versions in our Gentle Persuasion of Iblis collection in September, with other prints on the front. 

Winter Basic Top


Remember how we were waffling about basics earlier? Our Winter Basic Top  is exactly what we were talking about. A standard, basic long sleeve top made of good quality black stretch fabric with a sneaky little heart cut out on the back. Good quality basics are often hard to come by, and while we don’t have many of these because we wanted to test the waters before making heaps of them, they have been well received so far! 

Lantern Pencil Skirt


This Lantern Pencil Skirt is a remake of our Berry Pencil Skirt that has already sold out. Jacqui thinks the fabric looks like an ants eye view of red and gold lanterns at New Year while her sister thinks it looks like 1940s style astronauts heads. What do you guys think? The scalloped hem and bright African wax cotton make it lovely and bright, while the pencil design adds curves in all the right places. 


Goat Parade Pinafore


Yes, this is the frolicking parade of goats! eeeppppp! Isn’t it adorable? Our Goat Parade Pinafore has very thick fabric for a good quality winter skirt – the gold goats had to have three layers of screen printing to bring out the vibrant gold colour. The straps are also an added charm. They can be worn three ways, folded at the back, straight at the back, or pushed down on the sides. In the end Jacqui and Tran decided to only put one button on the straps which could be easily moved if the straps were too big. We decided that re-sewing buttons was more aesthetically pleasing than adding multiple buttons to allow for different heights. 

Reverse It Cape


Our pride and joy of this collection is our Reverse It Cape! Based on a cape Jacqui inherited from her grandmother, this reversible cape is so warm and feels like you’re wearing a blanket. A pretty blanket with a lace trim and cream buttons. The other great thing about this cape is the fact it is almost free-size. Sized differently from our other garments we choose a S-XL model. S can fit from around a 6-10 and so on all the way up to XL which could fit a size 14-20 comfortably. That’s the joy of the cape design!

Our models for this collection are Sangeetha Singh and Leah Mathey, we’ve used them both before and enjoy their ability to showcase a variety of looks and their stringent professionalism. It’s refreshing. They are also just rad human beings. We shot our lookbook for this collection at Seven Hills Tallarook – a goat farm close to Melbourne. It was such a picturesque property and as well as goats they have pigs, alpacas, sheep and a gorgeous BnB if you’re ever up for a weekend getaway! Check out the final result below:

Other News:

Additionally to releasing this collection, planning our size 6-20 Lollygaggers Collection in July and our Gentle Persuasion of Iblis September collection, we’ve had some structural changes at PHO sizzle. Tomi, who was working IT for us, is now Jacqui’s business partner. He is running the production side of everything in Hanoi as well as the IT side, and a whole lot of other sides too. PHO sizzle is like one of the super complex 3d shapes with many, many sides. A DodecaHEdron perhaps? (Ha! Random Simpsons reference, all good) Part of the production element has been reaching out to more independent seamstresses in Hanoi. By commissioning these seamstresses and tailors independently we can ensure that the wages go to who they should be going to, without the middle man taking a pie slice for himself. We can also hopefully establish long term relationships directly with workers where we aim towards a common goal of good quality clothing produced in an ethical environment with fair wages and working conditions. 

So, that’s all that’s happening with us at the moment. We’d also like to thank every one who helps and supports us, whether its the moral support of our friends and colleagues, helping Jacqui with shows, running errands in Hanoi for us or buying our clothes. All these things help PHO sizzle’s wheel keep spinning, and for that we are super grateful!

Love, the PHO sizzle team.

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