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With our upcoming, miniature, Yeah Nah Capsule Collection we trialed out a new tailor, far from the north of Vietnam where we usually dwell and instead went south, to Ho Chi Minh City, where our lovely intern Vinh was studying for a semester. In between studying and exploring her temporary city, she sought out a tailor who wanted to work with us on this collection, and, being the legend she is, she made it all happen. That’s what we call a marvelously good intern!

After the sweaters and sweater dresses were made, Vinh and her friends decided to do a Saigon themed photo shoot showing y’all some of that Vietnam charm, in a modern, District 7 kinda way – it’s not all pho and conical hats, people! ūüėČ Anyway,¬†check out the awesome pictures of our collection that’ll be available in limited numbers soon.

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These sweaters and dresses are made from a warm and heavy neoprene-esque fabric that makes them incredibly warm to wear and have various Aussie slang phrases that our designer likes printed across them. This collection was originally a reaction of Jacqui’s deep desire to stay home all winter curled up next to a fire place drinking hot tea and/or whiskey and saying ‘yeah nah’ to every invitation that was given to her. The collection attempts to fuse lounge wear, full of comfort, with a modern twist and some iconic slogans that’ll hopefully make you smile.

Due to the sampling of a new tailor, in a new city, we do only have limited amounts, but you’ll be happy to know we’ve established a strong connection with this new guy and he’s down for doing future work with us. He’s also a top-notch tailor and we are so pleased with the quality of his work – we love all our tailors but are so pleased when we find someone new whose sewing reflects the hand-made, good-quality clothes we want our brand to be synonymous with. ¬†It’s like confirming that we are doing the right thing when¬†tailors agree that they want to work with us on our ethical, and direct-trade model approach and hopefully, that’ll bring about a change in the industry with and emphasis on slow fashion and fair discourse amongst all the different tailors. If PHO sizzle continues to expand, we’ll need more workers, and people we can trust and who enjoy and understand our business model, and we feel the people we’ve got with us, do, totally, get what we’re trying to do.

Interestingly, our Yeah Nah and Fully Hectic sweaters are also our first foray into unisex clothing and, we have even less of these cos we want to see how we go with it. Jacqui’s husband has already bought one and is wearing it constantly, but until we release them, we’re not sure how well they’ll go. Also, unfortunately, we didn’t get any printed with She’ll Be Right on them because of a slight miscommunication, hopefully if demand is high, we might do a reorder of these sweaters and include some with that slogan. ¬†The sizing on these sweaters is from S to XL, we’re not really familiar with mens sizing, but we’ve been told they are pretty accurate. These sweaters are mostly dark grey with white writing, but a few light grey ones have snuck in too, they’ll be selling for $69AU.

Our three sweater dresses have all three hand printed slogans but span 3 shades, grey, light grey, and black. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between slogan and colour, again, a slight misunderstanding which is making it hard to put them up on the website accurately, but, with small runs like this, it’s much more about testing the waters and seeing whether everyone wants a huge-arse sweater dress to sulk in front of the fire with while throwing whiskey in it, or whether it was just Jacqui. These dresses range from S-XL and the XL would fit a size 20, they’ll be selling for $75AU.

So, there you have it, our darling Saigon Squad, showing off our upcoming collection that’ll hopefully be online as soon as both directors have a decent chunk of time to hash out the uploads together – they’ve both been working incredibly hard at the other jobs, hence the slow down from here, but we’re gearing up from some exciting things in the future, rest assured.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a sweater dress or sweater before we get around to uploading them, please contact Jacqui at or visit the Rose St Artists’ Market next weekend on the 4th and 5th of June.

Thank you to Dat Nguyen Pham, Dung Tuan Phan, Kien Trung Nguyen, Diep Bich Pham and of course, Vinh Nguyen, for being in and executing this photoshoot.

Lots of love,

The PHO sizzle team

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