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So, the time has come to show you the last in our series of Winter Clash Style Book photos! Just like part 1, 2 and 3, these photos focus on clashing our products for sale now at Design a Space and at our shop with vintage and thrifted magic from Jacqui from Fashion and Pho‘s wardrobe.

We focused on another bohemian look with this outfit because when you are clashing seriously bright and distinct African Wax designs, well, it is hard not to go wandering down the music festival, coachella, boho, gypsy path. Anyway, let’s check out how we clashed up this outfit:






Cardigan: Vintage Top: Mauve Times Skirt: Gold Ponyboy Skirt Headband: Bow Headband in Pink Satin Shoes: Custom made in Hoi An Jewelry & Sunnies: owned by Jacqui & her sister

So, that is the last in our Winter Clash series. We’d like to thank our glorious model Leah again for letting Jacqui play stylist and photographer for these pictures, and also Jacqui’s sister for providing a venue, jewels, support and looking after babies while these pictures were taken! 

Don’t forget to check out the other three looks here:

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Oh, and if you are in Melbourne, pop down to Rose Street Artists Market on July 13th to check us out! As well as selling our collection you’ve seen here, we’ll also be selling some new pieces and Jacqui will be selling off some of her vintage clothes because her closet is exploding.

Have a lovely day,

love, the PHO sizzle team.  

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