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Well, all the fun and games and plans of our Spring/Summer collection have almost finished and we will have 15 pieces all together being made and finalized to be ready to be sold in Australia towards the end of September. Jacqui is already planning her next collection and chatting with Tran, who, as we mentioned last time, has moved to Sweden which spreads out our tentacles even more – and means Jacqui has Swedish, Vietnamese and Senegalese time zones saved in her phone!

We have 3 new items arriving soon, but aside from that, we won’t be having any new stock until September, so, we thought we would try to rejig (is that a word?) some of our current stock that we have left to show you some wonderful winter outfits and to convince y’all that African Wax isn’t only for summer, and that we are striving real hard to ensure our clothes are multi-seasonal.

Obviously, Jacqui loved styling her cousin for these pictures as she got to blend her three favorite things – PHO sizzle, thrifted clothes and taking pictures.

Her glorious cousin Leah, from this shoot helped her out with these pictures. So, first up in the Winter Clash Style Book is The Imogen Skirt. You might remember this distinct baby from our teaser collection way back when, or from Tia Cherie where the namesake herself Imogen reviewed it. Either way, it’s getting a new look today as Leah wears it in our first of a four part series of Winter Clashtastic-ness! Enjoy!




Purple Jumper: thrifted Skirt: The Imogen Skirt

Hey, guess what? We’re going to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this year? Isn’t that fantastic news? Jacqui, Tomi, Cuong, Hoa and Tran were all super excited when Jacqui found out and now we are rushing our manufactures to try and get the collection ready for early September instead of later in the month, and lucky that our SS14 collection will include size 6, because Jacqui was informed that that is what size the models are. Phew! But remember, for the SS14, we will have size 6 to 20 available. 🙂

Here’s another picture of Leah looking like a lovely pastel, purple flower.


Tune in soon for part 2 of the Winter Clash series!

Lots of love,

The PHO sizzle team

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