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Who are we?

PHO sizzle fuses unique fabrics with quality tailoring to provide ready-to-wear pieces for any occasion, or season.  A joint team spans from West Africa, Australia and Vietnam and works to bring out inspired collections to an Australian and International market. Melbourne designed but Hanoi produced, we work closely with seamstresses, tailors and illustrators who present us with their own T&Cs – not the other way round. They choose their working hours, limits, availability and price point and, in that way we ensure that are our pieces are of good quality, and that our ever expanding team enjoys working for PHO sizzle.

Our Designer sources inspiration from everything! This has included bold West African wax prints, the colours of Vietnamese New Year, the deep dark ocean and books she’s reading about Jinns. Focusing on individuality and small runs, we produce less than 30 of each garment, and aim to have limited pieces within our collections that continuously provide a truly distinct style, at the right price.

Jacqui: Co-Director, Designer & Melbourne Contact

Jacqui is the Co-Director and Melbourne point of contact for us. She likes bold patterns and distinct fabrics. She’s spent most of her adult life teaching the world English but decided to switch it up a bit in favor of her real joy; clothing. She adores colorful outfits with interesting features that stand out from the crowd. She likes sketching, photography and interesting fabrics. She’s also an avid personal style blogger at  .

For Melbourne queries:


tomioiTomi Oi: Co-Director, IT & Manufacturing Manager & Hanoi Contact

 Tomi is our other Co-Director as well as being our IT guru and Manufacturing Manager behind this operation, he’s the one we call crying when something computer-y doesn’t work the way it’s meant to. He’s also the one that makes sure the manufacturing gets done on time. From Lagos originally, Tomi currently works and lives in Vietnam’s fine capital Hanoi, gorging on Pho and working on his music when he isn’t solving the mysterious problems on IT. For Hanoi queries: 


hoaHoa: Magical Elf

Hoa is the magical elf that helps us with anything we need in Hanoi, when she isn’t busy interning or studying, that is. Still studying her degree in Economics and Finance at RMIT in Hanoi, she enjoys hanging out with friends,  meeting interesting people and dreaming about the day whens she finishes uni.


VinhVinh: Social Media Marketing Intern

Vinh is currently completing her undergrad degree in Marketing at RMIT Vietnam where she takes part in extracurricular activities like being the Marketing Manager of their Business Club and has been a Student Ambassador for prospective students. She works with us managing our social media channels like instagram and brings new and fresh marketing ideas to our team.