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We’ve mentioned the news that we’d be having a Pop-Up shop a couple of posts ago, but now we have some more info and since Jacqui has seen the space where the Laneway Festival is going to be, well, excitement is building! Laneways Unleashed is going to be SUCH an awesome event for Bendigo! Filling up and rejuvenating the currently empty Allen’s Walk laneway, off Pall Mall in the centre of Bendigo with art installations and photography exhibitions, a florist, wine bar (YAY) , buskers and several different Pop Up retail spaces including an Op shop, kids clothing store, an amazing natural wood and resin jewelry shop, and many other very cool independent and local shops – and of course, PHO sizzle is going to be there!!! 

Laneways Unleashed Promo Posters

When we saw the space that PHO sizzle is going to transform into a shop for a day we were equally super excited and super scared about how much work we had ahead of us. If you check the facebook album Allen’s Walk – A work in progress you’ll see the progress coming along. The whole group is committed to making it a fun day, and it is a chance for our customers who are close to that part of rural Victoria to come to try on our clothes, touch our fabrics and chat to us face to face instead of relying on our postage.

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The transformation and beautification of Allen’s Walk is already underway, with the old posters taken down and pretty new ones put up! There will also be murals painted on the walls of the walkway, which will look so vibrant!  

Laneways Unleashed Promo Posters 5

If you want to read more about how this fantastic idea came into fruition, the Bendigo Advertiser did a story on it, we even get a mention!! Check it out here!

So, if you’re up for supporting local small businesses, enjoy fun day trips, and want to help encourage pop up retail in Bendigo – we hope to see you all there on OCTOBER 11th from 10am to 5pm. We’ll also be open the night before for the grand opening ceremony. 🙂 Check out the facebook page here

Laneways Unleashed Promo Posters 2 copy



Yes, we’ve got both videos up on youtube from both shows now if you want to watch them. We haven’t edited them at all however and they are pretty shaky, but if you are into raw and unedited videos, these’ll be fun!! Thanks to Kristie and Yoanna for filming them, and I have to say it is fun to watch them and marvel at our clothes looking so spectacular on those models! Check out the MSFW World Designer Runway Show and the MSFW ARTZ Runway Show.


In other news, Jacqui has been dutifully blogging at Fashion and Pho and occasionally featuring a gorgeous little piece by PHO sizzle, check out the latest blogs with our stuff:


Wearing our Cora Crop from Stage 1 of our Mix n Match Marine Collection for her Aussie Curves post: Favorite Piece


Jacqui’s right-hand-man (woman in this case) Kristie was gifted one of our Angler Submarine Dresses for all her help during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Jacqui insisted on getting some pictures – the blog post is here.  


Jacqui also bought her own stock with our Gold Ponyboy Crop (which is now sold out) and posted about it for another Aussie Curves theme called Animal Print. Check the post out here.


Also, the wonderful Kobi Jae from Horror Kitsch Bitch blogged about wearing white as one of her fears and used her recent modeling stint for PHO sizzle as an example. She’s wearing our Gone Fishin Crop and Beach Maxi. Check out her post.

RAW – natural born artists CURRENT SHOW!

Our final piece of news is that we have been accepted into RAW and will be part of their Melbourne Show Current on November 14th – which’ll be great cos it’s just in time to showcase Stage 2 of our Mix n Match Marine Collection! We are inviting as many people we can to this truly great event that supports artists and you can read our profile and buy tickets to the event here. It’s only $16.50 and looks to be an awesome night!


So, that is all the news from us.

Lots of love,

the PHO sizzle team.

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