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Wait, who are you?

Hello, I’m Vinh, and now I’m 22 years old. Currently, I’m studying Marketing at RMIT International University.

Firstly, thanks Vinhto whoever is spending their valuable time reading my faithful blog post regarding my feelings after my first month working as a Marketing Intern at PHO sizzle.



I see. How’d you get this job?


I found the job ad for a paid Marketing Intern with PHO sizzle from one of my friends on facebook by chance. I found it interesting and appropriate to me because I am also studying Marketing and the criteria matched what I thought I could do. Hence, I decided to apply for this position to get essential experience because I only have one more semester to finish my study for my bachelor degree and I would like to get more useful knowledge and real experience before I graduate.


Luckily, my application was chosen for the 2nd round that would be an interview with one of the Co-Directors of PHO sizzle, and the main person in charge of Marketing – Ms. Jacqueline Stewart. In reality, from my perspective, it should not be considered an interview, instead it would be more like being a close conversation regarding the work between my new boss and me. However, there was one more surprise because I realized my potential new boss would by my former Academic English teacher, Jacqui. Although I was only taught by her for half of a semester, she made a positive impression on me because of her awesome characteristics and making the class feel comfortable and confident. Therefore, I was really interested in doing this job when having more opportunities to work with her in real life.


So, it’s been more than a month now. How have you felt about working with PHO sizzle so far?

Despite just working in one month, I’ve learned a lot of important things that I could apply in the future after graduating from the university. For example, I had opportunities to acquire knowledge about research methods. To explain further; I needed to research information related to Australian fashion magazines and fashion weeks in the Southeast Asia and Australia which is a kind of research that spends a lot of time googling but ends up with a good database of info.  Another example is I was assigned being an admin of PHO sizzle on Instagram, as well as Jacqui. My duties were to update the Instagram regularly through replying and engaging with our followers. I felt that this assignment was really helpful because I could know more about the Australian style – including the way of talking and communicating in English, and also learn more about PHO sizzle customers fashion, style and the way of wearing the clothes. Besides that, I’m so excited about making a promotional video clip of our brand – PHO sizzle, which could be released soon once I capture enough essential scenes to show the audiences. Let’s wait for the expected promotional clip together!


So, what was the fav thing you’ve done so far?
Well, the duty I felt most interested in doing so far was to have an opportunity to observe the photoshoot that was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam. I experienced how the difficult photoshoot was going on from the preparation to the completion, and it was really interesting. In addition, I had a chance to meet the Hanoi team of PHO sizzle at the same time; and we had some sidewalk ice tea time to chat with each other after finishing the photoshoot, which was nice to get to know Tomi, Linh and Hoa outside from RMIT. Below would be the photos of behind the scenes that I’d captured:






Hmm, cool, and what’s been the hardest thing about working with PHO sizzle?

Well, the most difficult thing I have come into was to know a few words related to fashion. In fact, I rarely use the words related to fashion in English, so I often have to check these words. Nevertheless, my vocabulary is being improved significantly thanks to this difficulty. Therefore, I believe that working as an internship in Pho Sizzle is really useful for me in the near future.


What things will you expect to do in the upcoming months working with PHO sizzle?


Actually, I will have more opportunities to develop my possible capabilities to help us  become more popular, not only in Australia but also other countries, even Asian countries such as Vietnam. Furthermore, I hope that I can contribute more creative ideas throughout working here based on my knowledge and experience when I’m still an undergraduate. Last but not least, I especially expect to work for PHO sizzle with amazing colleagues in the long term because I think it’s a good job and I’d like to thank Tomi and Jacqui for agreeing with my internship application and generating an opportunity for me to improve in a real working environment.




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