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To bide the time between our seasonal collections, Jacqui and Tomi decided to release capsule or ‘mini’ collections as part of their business plan, years 2 to 5. The reason we decided to do this was to keep the focus on our clothes, not on fashion weeks, trends or seasons. By bringing out mini collections between the big ‘uns, we can experiment with more styles, see what we enjoy, see what our customers like and commit to a steady stream of awesomeness, instead of just sporadic bursts. So, we planned and promised to bring out four collections this year, two seasonal and two capsules and The Lollygaggers is the first of the capsules. Sandwiched between our Winter Year Of The Goat and the Gentle Persuasion of Iblis coming in October for Spring, The Lollygaggers is, by far, the most casual, pink and littlest collection we’ve had so far.  So, let’s take a look-see:

The Lollygaggers


The Lollygaggers Capsule Collection has never made loitering look so yummy. The five piece set comprises of three tops and two bottoms designed for comfort and relaxing around suburbia. Giving an inspirational nod towards Donna Pinciotti, Dazed and Confused and the Pink Ladies, The Lollygaggers wraps childhood lollies memories into a package of delicious casual seventies fun.  


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Baseball Tees

We wanted to try our hand at baseball tees because Jacqui has wanted one since watching The Sandlot Kids. These tees are oversized, so, if you want to have a tighter version we do recommend sizing down. They are made from a thick, good quality stretch cotton lycra blend with white bodice and raglan sleeve in either pink or red.  We also wanted to highlight how awesome lollies are,  so, our two baseball shirts are adorned with lollies like Licorice Allsorts in a pastel stamp pattern, as well as an homage to the elusive Musk Stick deer; where musk sticks obviously come from. Both sketches were drawn by our resident designer Cuong Nguyen, who also designed the lantern fish and tentacle fabric for our Mix n Match Marine Collection last summer. Our All Sorts Baseball Tee & Musk Stick Baseball Tee are available in size 6 to 20 which stocks last.

Pink Plaid Crop

Our plaid crop is a remake of our sold out Mauve Times crop from last winter, but made from a thicker wool blend. With a pink and light green plaid design, this 3/4 sleeve crop is warm, comfortable and very cute. We found this fabric in the Hanoian fabric market and only had enough  left on the roll for one in each size, so, if you’re keen for this baby, you have to be fast. Our Pink Plaid Crop can be bought here.

Folly Tea Skirt 

We’ve brought out Tea Skirts before, like our Lobster skirt from our Teaser Collection, but this one is a bit more frou frou, with a pink lining and more prominent box pleads. Similar to the fabric from our crop, we found this bright pink linen lurking at the back of the fabric market in Hanoi and snaffled the end of the roll. Unfortunately we only have one of each size, and, we have already sold out of some! But, this is the joy of capsule collections, we get to put feelers out to see what we should do remakes of, and we’ve already planned to include a light blue version of this skirt in our Gentle Persuasion of Iblis collection coming in October. Bringing out a blue one just after bringing out a pink version is making Jacqui feel she has the two fairies from Sleeping Beauty in her head, you know, the ones that keep changing the colour of Aurora’s dres? No? Never mind.  Our Folly Tea Skirt can be bought here.

Button Fly Flares

We are all a bit excited by our foray into denim! Dividing in head first we decided to bring out a pair of button fly jean flares, we wanted them in the ‘normal’ denim colour, but of a good quality and really durable. We also wanted to see how our sizing went and whether we should try to include more denim in future collections. These really are the feelers of this collection, the question mark hovering above our heads. We’ve got pretty limited stock as it really was a test and a challenge to see if we could do it, but we’ve had very positive feedback so far. You can check our our Button Fly Flares here, or in size 10-14 at Design A Space in Fitzroy. 

The Models

For this collection Jacqui wanted to showcase different body types and sizes wearing her clothes. She generally does this for her collections if they include an extended sizing range. She approached three women she knew would look perfect lurking about the suburbs in pink and gnawing on musk sticks, and thankfully they all said yes! Kathy Le has worked with Jacqui before at last year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week , Lulu and Jacqui met at this year’s Curvy Couture Show and Lani is a good friend of Jacqui’s for more than 14 years. By using three different fit models we aim to provide a broader scope of what our clothes look like on size 8, 12 and 16 and hopefully you can get a better idea what these pieces will look like on you. Of course, if you have any queries about sizes or fits, you can always email Jacqui – and she will happily answer further queries before purchase. 

Big thanks to our babing models, who were thoroughly sick of musk sticks by the end of our shoot. You can view more picture of them on our facebook page album. 


So, there you have it, our mini fourth collection is out and the production for our 13 piece Gentle Persuasion of Iblis collection is under way too. It should land in Australia by the end of October by magic carpets controlled by Djinns, as is the only way a collection inspired by Iblis should arrive.   

Love, The PHO sizzle team



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  1. Brooke - Reply

    August 14, 2015 at 9:58 am

    I love this brand! Like, honestly…LOVE! I wish I could order the must stick deer baseball tee, but sadly my bank account isn’t cooperating!

    Thanks for making such amazing stuff! <3

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