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Well, we haven’t blogged for quite some time, it’s mainly because Jacqui and Tomi got too busy to function properly, but, we have managed to bring out our 13 piece collection without any major hiccups and then we hired more staff to help us out so we don’t both lose it. Our Gentle Persuasion Of Iblis collection is actually best understood by reading our Visual Exploration Lookbook. It is certainly our plainest collection so far, with nay a pattern in sight! It was also a bit of headf*ck for Jacqui to design as she had more than one nocturnal visit/nightmare about jinns/demons and various other things whilst planning and executing it. Her blog post here explains more about the inspo behind this collection. Let’s look deeper at this collection!

The Gentle Persuasion Of Iblis



The Models:

Amy, Helen and Lani (who also modeled in our The LollyGaggers collection) modeled for Jacqui in this collection and are sizes 16/18, 6/8, and 12/14 respectively. By showing our clothing on a variety of sizes we try to help our customers visualize what it might look like on them. However, with the sheer number of pieces in this collection, it was actually too time consuming to get every model in every outfit.  This means a wee bit of imagination might be needed when deciding on what piece you’d like, but we do try to chose models with a variety of body shapes and sizes to show our size 6-20 range.

The Location:

Because Jinn are rumored to lurk in places abandoned on uninhabited, we found the perfect place. Overgrown and a bit spooky, it served us well for the visual exploration lookbook as a place to discover glimpses into the mythology of jinns and Iblis.


The Artists/Collabs:

Since we are at the Rose St Artists’ Market every second weekend, and have been for more than a year now, we have some pretty sweet connections to artists with mad skills! For this collection we collaborated with Jeannie – a resin genius, from So Sublime who created our raven buttons for us. You can have these buttons on our Monochrome Mod Dress by request, or on our Raven Reverse Cape.

Another artist we worked with in this collection was Persian artist Maz who makes pendants and other jewelry. He has happily supplied some Sitri Earrings and Pendants for us.


The Colours and Fabrics:

Jacqui was heavily influenced by blue for this collection, particularly the blue of a pure flame which jinn are supposed to be. After having dreams/nightmares where she had terrifying encounters with a voice who called himself only Mister Blue (true story) she decided that blue would be the only actual colour in the collection and black and white would compliment it.  For fabrics she wanted to experiment and dive into some new territory, so silk, Nigerian Wedding Lace, and mesh all played alongside cotton, crepe and linens. This combination means it’s our most expensive collection yet, and probably has the most clothing that could be worn as work-wear. Additionally we did remake some old favourites and continued our theme screenprinting which has served us well in prior collections.


The Tops:

7 6 1 black tea skirt(4) black tea skirt(3) 15 1211

There’s a top for everybody in this collection! There’s one Sitri Top (who was the demon of luxury…amongst other things), there’s a Naberius Top, he’s another demon who often appears as a crow or black swan (again, Jacqui had a nightmare about a giant black swan because of this information). Additionally there is a gorgeous Zenith blue bolero that is perfect work wear. We’ve also got the super duper fancy schmancy Jinni Lace Top which is by far the most expensive item we’ve ever made in terms of fabrics, so we only made one of each size. It is perfect for a formal event when you don’t want to wear a dress and would prefer a luxurious top and bottoms. On the other side of the yard we’ve got our Melek Taus Kimono, inspired by the Peacock Angel of the Yazidi, it is so Sports Luxe and is quietly Jacqui’s print of this collection because she had such a strong vision for it, but wasn’t 100% sure it was going to work well and look good, and it does, so she’s quietly smirking. Another awesome top from this collection is our Black Velvet Crop. We’ve made this crop before in a variety of fabrics but never stretch velvet! We thought it suited the luxurious and witchy vibes of this collection and just disregarded the fabric we were bringing out a winter fabric in Spring. Finally we’ve got our Raven Reverse Cape. We made a beautiful winter cape that was reversible and had such a good reception that we decided to make a lighter, summer version. It has a black and light blue side with black lace and is, as friend said, ‘very Blair Warldorf’. Much like our Jinni Lace Top, we only made one of these in each size, so, if you do happen to snaffle one, only three other people will own one…ever!

 All these tops can be looked at in greater detail here.

The Bottoms:

silk maxi 2 black tea skirt(5) summer pinafore(4)

For the bottoms we actually did a series of remakes. Last summer we released our faux wrap around Beach Maxi in white linen and had enough people ask for it in black that we decided to follow through, but, just to throw a spanner into the works, we decided to produce it in silk crepe which pushes it to an elegant level of something you could wear to a formal affair or party. Next we remade our Folly Tea Skirt from our The LollyGaggers collection as we got enough people telling us that they’d buy a blue or black version. So we made our Zenith Tea Skirt, which matches the bolero and can be worn together to give off an ultimate work wear look, all in baby blue! We also made a black version to give anyone who works corporate or retail the chance to wear a bit of a spesh skirt instead of the boring ones. Finally, we had such a hit with our Goat Parade Pinafore that we decided to make a summer version from a lighter fabric. This plain pinafore is so 90s it just works and can be dressed up or down.

You can see the bottoms from this collection in more detail here.

The Dress:


Weirdly enough we only have one dress in this collection and that’s our Monochrome Mod Dress with optional raven buttons.  It’s already been quite a hit with people ordering it left, right and centre and complimenting Jacqui on the niceness of the fabric (which she passes back to our amazingly pedantic-about-fabric-textures-in-the-best-possible-way fabric shopper) . If you want to look at it in more detail, take a look-see here.

So, there it is. The collection in all it’s glory!

We have a lot of other news, but we’ll keep most of it under wraps for now and let you guys know what is up soon!! Very soon. Next week soon! But for now we should let you know if you’re in Bendigo or in the CBD, it is super easy to get our clothes now. We’re stocked at Morley’s Emporium in Bendigo and have expanded to Design A Space in Manchester Lane as well as being in their Brunswick Street store. So, more opportunities for getting your mitts on our clothes, but of course, we have free shipping in Aus and a decent flat rate for overseas, so those clothes can shimmy to your mitts pretty easily! Ha!

Have a look at the images below from our visual exploration lookbook, but they are missing the quotes and backstory and layout which is why maybe it’s cooler to check it out there.

Lots of love, the PHO sizzle Team

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