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Wow, we got our photos back from our RAW current event that we did a few weeks ago! It was SUCH a fun night and we were so grateful to the models, the hair and make up artists, the organizers, our friends and family who came to support us, and Kristie for manning the store! It was the perfect way to introduce stage 2 of our Mix n Match Marine Collection to Melbourne. Anyway, we’ve got a similar album of photos up on facebook, but if you’re interested, here are some behind-the-scenes shots and runway shots from the night.


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Dinah Hollander had a great make up theme and transformed our models into pop-art style icons, while Angelique Addams worked on adding amazing neon hair pieces to our models. Both these ladies are so incredibly talented and PHO sizzle was so wrapped to be working with people that shared their vision for ALL THE COLOURS ALL THE TIME! 

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One of the reasons we liked this show is because we hand picked our models. We predominantly choose people we’d worked with before, and we loved the vibrant energy and sense of partnership with our group. The models diligently practiced their poses and runway more than once, which certainly made the final show more polished. We we really impressed with how organized the staff for RAW were too, it was very professional. The Melbourne Pavilion was an awesome place for this event too – It was so big and roomy that our models could easily go off and find a corner to practice in.


The Runway

We had 10 runway looks, and originally had 10 models, but, by the time the day arrived, we only had 6 models which meant four of them had to change. This caused us stress backstage, but miraculously we did get it done.

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All these clothes are now available in our shop and some, like our Seacombing Pants and What’s Kraken Maxi are selling super fast. Big thanks to the models! We have worked with Suzy Malual and Sangeetha Singh before at the MSFW ARTZ show we did and loved them, Amy-Eliza Wilkinson helped us navigate the madness backstage at our MSFW World Designer Runway show, and walked for Versace in the second act – wow! We were so happy to have her walking with us this time. The crowd favourite Angus McCormack met the PHO sizzle team in Bendigo for the Laneways Unleashed Festival and we knew we’d love to have him model with us. If you’ve been following PHO sizzle from the start, you’ll probably recognize Leah Mathey – she’s done lots of modelling for us – including our Winter Clash Series and part of our Lookbook for our Teaser Collection, we were pretty excited she was moving from print model to catwalk! YAY!  Finally, y’all should know Debra Musonda‘s pretty face – she’s modeled stage 1 and stage 2 of our Mix n Match Marine collection for us, walked in the MSFW World Designer Runway show AND we sponsored her Australian Supermodel of the Year, where she came 2nd runners up! We couldn’t have done it without these guys, and the Dinah and Angelique were amazing with make up and hair. We’ve also got to thank the team at RAW for being so professional, and to Cable Williams and Lenny for filming everything, we’re gonna have a rad video of the event coming real soon.



We’re excited for Christmas, and Jacqui is going to take some time off over January, so our online store will be closed. We’ve booked in for some markets over Jan to April and will continue selling at Design A Space Fitzroy and Windsor. Other than that, we’re just enjoy the warm weather and playing around in PHO sizzle’s 19 piece summer collection, in all its mixy-matchy glory! Thanks to Leila Koren for taking all the photos from the RAW event, you can see the full album here.

Love, The PHO sizzle team


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  1. Ks KeepTheSecret - Reply

    December 3, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    Wow! No words, awesome.
    see u soon and keep in touch

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