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We were lucky enough to be part of The Curvy Couture Roadshow, a VAMFF curated event, and market this year! It was an amazingly well organized event and something we felt truly honoured to be a part of. The catwalk had a vibrant energy and the other brands in the runway show had such fantastic designs too. The models did a great job and looked fabulous! There were lots of bloggers Jacqui finally got to meet after knowing them online only, and also Tess Holliday was there, which was kinda cool! 

We picked 6 looks from our Mix n Match Marine Collection that we’d shown before at Spring Fashion Week and RAW last year, but not in a plus size setting. While our whole 19 piece collection goes up to size 20, we picked 6 looks that we thought the crowd would like. 

_M9A6958_Preview _M9A6952_Preview

Trelawney started our show with our Angler Submarine Dress and the beats of Ce’cile‘s beach themed Goody in the background.

_M9A6954_Preview _M9A6955_Preview

Rhiannon came out next in our Deep Sea Sailing Top and Beach Maxi.

_M9A6962_Preview _M9A6961_Preview

Jen was next in our Cora Crop & Seacombing Pants

_M9A6970_Preview _M9A6969_Preview

Lulu came out next in our Smooth Sailing Shorts (which she bought the next day at the market! 😉  )and our Cora Crop Floral

_M9A6966_Preview _M9A6976_Preview

Next was Kobi Jae in our Gone Fishin Set (here and here). You guys should know Kobi Jae from the modelling she’s done for us before – here, here and here

_M9A6974_Preview _M9A6975_Preview

Finally came Meagan in What’s Kraken Maxi dress.

Photos above by Damien Bredberg Stills + Motion . You can view the album on CCR’s facebook page here

Jacqui came out with Meagan at the end for walk halfway along the runway and voila, our part of the night was over! Being the third designer walk the runway meant that Jacqui got to watch the rest of the night feeling very relaxed, it was a nice change. After the runway show there was an after party in the upstairs part of ACMI & this was when Jacqui (with Kristie in tow) got to chat to people… and take silly photos. 

1 2 19 21

The market the next day was more of the same in terms of socializing, drinking champagne for breakfast to ward off an impending hangover and selling some of our larger sizes which until then hadn’t been doing so well in sales. 

Overall it was such a great experience and it made us at Head Office (totes joking here – head office is Jacqui at her computer in Melbourne, Tomi at his computer in Hanoi and Tran on her phone in Sweden) reconsider our decision to not do extended sizes any more… but, after many talks we decided we will make Capsule Collections specifically for the Curvy Couture Roadshows of the future and perhaps release a mid year capsule of plus size if the demand is high enough.

However our seasonal collections will probably only go up to 16 for the time being. This is a hard decision for all of us, and especially Jacqui, but we need to focus on what is selling and moving our stock. Did you know we still have size 18 & 20 of some things while all the other sizes have long since sold out?

In some cases we are taking the colourful clothing that hasn’t sold and turning it into headbands and scrunchies because there is a steady demand of them through our Design A Space store in Fitzroy. Can you imagine cutting up clothing? It saddens us but we know they’ll sell as headwear…

We also still do have a 20% discount if you want to snag something in a large size before it goes to the scissors! 😉 The code is CCR15 and it expires at the end of March.

So, that is all that is happening with us at the moment, we’re deep in our production phase of our winter collection and hope it’ll be out by May.

Love, the PHO sizzle Team

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