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Well, the first of our two shows for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 is over. It was so much fun showcasing our Mix n Match Marine Collection Summer ’15 at the North Melbourne Town Hall and to be able to be part of a show that had Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and YSL also in it. As well as the big brands, Jacqui really liked Angie Lu Fionnbharr Pfeiffer and Wa- Nyika – very cool clothes! 

Jacqui, with the help of her assistant Kristie ( 🙂 ) found all her models that she’d met a week earlier at the fitting when they were getting hair and makeup done and managed to chat to them too before the show started. The models and dressers were so professional and fun, and the energy backstage was amazing! It was great chatting with other inspiring designers, making new friends with models and generally seeing how fashion shows work backstage.

We showed 10 outfits from our new collection and only used five models, so, while the audience didn’t see it, there was madness backstage as we yanked the first outfit off our models to get them in the second outfit in time. And, our Mix n Match Marine collection has quite a few ‘difficult-to-get-on-and-off-under-time-constraints’ pieces with buttons and collars and all kinds of things that don’t work under pressure.Thankfully, we didn’t send anyone out naked and got our clothes on them in time!

Kick-arse Dancehall by Vybz Kartel ( I wonder if he has internet access in Prison?) & Gaza Slim blared from the speakers with Stop Gwaan Like Yuh Tuff for our first song, and Konshens mellowed the vibe slightly (meaning= there weren’t rude words in the chorus) with Guerilla Forever  for the final song. 

Anyway, we know you are all here to see the photos of the collection (well, the ones that we haven’t shared on our facebook page already) so here they are! Big props to DJ Photography and Hung Dao from Razr Photographer for these pictures too.



Debra Musonda wearing our Sea Flower Dress – coming soon in size 6 to 20.


Kathy Le wearing our Candy Star Crop and Skirt – coming soon in size 6 to 20.



Yoanna Williams wearing the first of our Angler Fish range. We’ve got more deep sea fishies coming! 😀 This Angler Submarine Dress is coming soon in size 6 to 20.

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Kirsty O’Connell wears our Smooth Sailing Crop and Shorts – coming soon in size 6 to 20.

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Jessie wears our Cora Crop and our Smooth Sailing Shorts. Now you start to see why we called it the Mix n Match collection! Everything goes with everything! 🙂 Available in size 6 to 20 and coming soon.


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Debra wears our Cora Crop and Beach Maxi – coming soon in size 6 to 20.

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You should know what Kathy is wearing cos we’ve said it above! Gosh! Hahaha. Smooth Sailing Crop and Beach Maxi. Mix n Match ALL THE TIME!

10628025_752608344780373_4913228467886179148_n ???????????????????????????????????


Kirsty is wearing our Cora Crop and Gone Fishin Skirt. Sizes 6 to 20 coming soon.



Yoanna rocking our Gone Fishin Set. We kinda realized this set has full Flintstones vibes – but, we’re cool with that. 🙂 Size 6 to 20 coming soon.

And, so, that is the 10 new pieces of our Mix N Match Marine Collection coming soon. We have decided to divide this 18 piece summer collection into stages. For example, Stage 1 (the products here) will be for sale by the end of this month and the last 8 products (Stage 2) will be realized a bit later. Anyway, the clock is ticking until release date and we even sold some of this collection sneakily at Rose St Artists Market on Sunday even though it hasn’t been released yet… Goodness!! (insert shocked walrus face)


Jacqui and Kathy pose backstage. Thanks to Kathy for this photograph and the featured image.

So, one runway show down and one to go! We’ve got the ARTZ show this Sunday and you can still buy tickets from here if you want (nudge nudge). We’ll be showing our Teaser Collection  (currently for sale) at the show on Sunday and met our models and did a fitting last night, glancing around at the other designers, we’d go out on a limb and say you will enjoy the diversity of this show! We also emailed one of Jacqui’s favorite female Dancehall singers, Ce’Cile and got permission to use her new wicked new single Turn It Up as the runway music. Yay for Dancehall on runways!

Also, if you are in Melbourne on Friday night, we’re selling at an amazing market – The Feel Good Night Market in West Brunswick from 7pm. The organizer, Bec is a great stylist and has a keen eye for pretty things (well, obviously since she asked us to be there :))  Come check it out!


Bec and Jacqui posing for a photo that accompanied the write up about the Feel Good Night Market in the local Moreland Leader paper. We would give you the link, but they foolishly make you subscribe – ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, that is all that has been going on with us! We’ll leave you with a great snap from The Rose St Artists’ Market from Sunday when Jacqui was deleriously tired but still sold the skirt right off her body! Nah… not really… but man, that would have been a good story.

Lots of love, the PHO sizzle team


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