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We are so wrapped to photograph Kobi Jae from Horror Kitsch Bitch again for our product photos of stage 2 of our Mix n Match Marine Collection! Do you remember that awesome post we did with Ms Jae, a.k.a The Divine Miss K, when we unveiled stage 1? Well, we are at it again as Kobi Jae came and sampled the second half of our collection and walked away with a new pair of pants! Ha! Now, just to let you know, these 9 news products (Kobi modelled in 8 of them) will be ready to purchase in size 6 to 20 on Monday evening by 8pm. Our only advice would be to get in quick as we have very limited stock and won’t be making more of the larger sizes (read here for more information about our discontinuation of plus sizes), so, first come first served. 

Now, let’s be checking out the new products!

What’s Kraken Top

whatskrakentopkobi2 whatskrakentopkobi1

This is our adorable What’s Kraken halter top made from stretch cotton jersey. It has a dark purple apron string halter that ties around your neck. It also has itty bitty frills gathered at the neckline. Quite stretchy, you could easily size down in this baby and it would suit a day at the beach so easily. It is a crop, like most of the tops from this collection and was made from our custom made tentacle fabric, designed by our in-house graphic designer.

What’s Kraken Maxi Dress

whatskrakenmaxikobi3 whatskrakenmaxikobi2

Each designer has something in their collection they secretly favor over all others, Jacqui would like to say she loves all her babies equally, but she does have a special place in her heart for our What’s Kraken Maxi. She asked our in-house graphics guru to design an image where tentacles were writhing up one end of page to create the effect of an octopus of kraken to be lurking around somewhere, however we never seem more than its tentacles. Cuong knew what she meant and designed this image in complimentary pinks, purples and blues that would be printed onto our soft cotton jersey to be made into garments. Our tech designer Tran then stepped in and suggested a maxi dress would work best with this type of image, and so she and Jacqui went about planning the concept. With deep purple trimming and a crossover back, it highlights the colours in the tentacles well, and with the very cute small collar, we tied in the general ‘collar’ theme we have going with this collection. This is certainly a comfortable dress and we do have pretty limited stock, so ask yourself – will you sell another tentacle fabric dress any time soon? We made this fabric because tentacle fabric is NEEDED!

What’s Kraken Flares

whatskrakenflares2 whatskrakenflares1

 The Divine Miss K wears our 70’s What’s Kraken Flares and our Cora Crop Floral here. Our What’s Kraken Flares are another of Jacqui’s personal crusades as she has decided the skinny leg has been popular for too long. Therefore, she’s on a serious wide-legged trip, starting with these tentaclious flares! Worn very high waisted (unless you want to look like Sandy from the end of Grease) these pants will probably be some of the comfiest you’ll ever wear.  A lightweight cotton jersey with ample stretch will make you feel spectacular as you jive the night away! Kobi is also wearing our Cora Crop Floral in these pictures, but I’ll talk about that next.

Cora Crop Floral

coracropfloralkobi3 coracropfloralkobi2

Hey, remember our white Cora Crop from stage 1? Inspired by one of Cora’s (a.k.a Lana Turner’s) many white outfits in  The Postman Always Rings Twice?  Yeah, we thought we’d make another version of the same best selling top! But instead of white cotton, this pretty fabric is Indian Cotton with a pink and blue floral pattern. The crop still has our recognizable heart cut out, but has also been loosened, to make more on an oversized, and summery top to throw over swim wear etc. Some of the feedback about our fitted white version with the side zip is that many people didn’t want it to be so form fitting, so, we have gone the other way with our Cora Crop Floral and provided a beautiful loose and lightweight alternative. 

Deep Sea Dress

deepseadresskobi3 deepseadresskobi1

We have to be honest with you, this dress style (which we have in 2 frocks in this collection) really suits some body shapes, but doesn’t smile on others. It is quite form fitted and if you have an hour glass or rectangular figure, you should be fine, but otherwise it isn’t going to fit perfectly. We do only have have 10 of these babies however, so I’m sure they’ll be bought. It is made from the other fabric that PHO sizzle custom designed using digitial printing. We stuck with our Angler Fish and Lantern Fish theme (see our wicked rockabilly Angler Submarine frock from stage 1) and settled on a simple stamp print pattern in navy, blue and white. We added a light blue halter collar and trimming around the waistband and deep pockets to break up the pattern. This lantern fish fabrics is a lightweight and silky rayon that is very different from our African wax cottons we are used to working with! The pretty frock also reminds us slightly of 1930s dust bowl America? We think it might be the collar and watching Carnivale too many times. 

Deep sea Skirt

coracropfloralkobi1 deepseaskirtkobi1

So as well as the wonderful dress, we added to our mix n match marine madness with this classic skirt. Our Deep Sea Skirt made from the same pattern as our Gone Fishin Skirt from stage 1 of our Mix n Match Marine Collection,  which in turn was made when we shortened our Lobster Tea Skirt from our Teaser Collection. The feedback we’ve had about this skirt is very positive! People love the subtle pleats, deep pockets and wide waist band. And, you know, when you’ve got a good thing, why try to reinvent the wheel? 😀 The soft rayon fabric makes the lantern fish print a lovely summer skirt. 

Deep Sea Sailing Top

whatskrakentopkobi3 deepseatopkobi1 deepseatopkobi3

Jacqui’s ready to admit she may have a small collar fetish at the moment, particularly for sailor collars! But, you can’t have a marine collection without sailor collars! Especially not a deep sea marine collection that pays homage to all the nautical goodness that the predictable anchors and mermaids train leaves out! Actually a train full of mermaids would be pretty cool, but that is beside the point, we wanted fabrics that you can’t get anywhere else!  So, this is the third piece made from our soft lantern fish rayon and will certainly be unique! If you’re not a fan of the lantern fish, but are digging the sailor collar, we also have another top in this collection made from African wax that features a sailor collar. Check it out here! 

Seacombing Pants


Yeah, we’re leaving Kobi’s favourites until last! This extremely wide leg pants are perfect for sticking it to the skinny trend that has been around for too long! Made from lightweight Indian cotton with white buttons on the wide waist band, they are exceptionally comfortable. Actually, we’ve already sold four pairs and we haven’t even released them online yet! WOWZA! We have a pretty limited amount of these babies to sell (as we do with most of this collection) so if you’re dreaming of some wide leg summer pants, we suggest you check back on Monday the 24th of November at 8pm and hit that ‘buy’ button! 🙂

So, thanks Ms Kobi for posing in the rest of our collection, your vibrancy and energy makes our clothes shine! Don’t forget to tune in Monday at 8pm Melbourne time when our new items go live on the website, however, if you seriously can’t wait until Monday, we will be at The Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy on Sunday… if you wanna jump the queue!? Haha!

We’ll post soon about the ravishing time we had at the RAW show last week as soon as we’ve got the video and photo footage for you! 

Love, The PHO sizzle team

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