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Winter is well and truly upon us in Melbourne, and that means we go into hibernation mode. It isn’t even deliberate hibernation, it’s just what happens year after year. With PHO sizzle we’ve got a new collection on the way to being uploaded (it is actually selling very well through markets, word-of-mouth and social media like insta, so if you are interested in snaffling something from our Yeah Nah collection before we upload it, just email ) and lots of older stock discounted. You can check our sale page for the most recent sales,  many of these sales are because we’ve got limited sizes left, in many cases one or two pieces and we want to see them go, but with only one size available, obviously it takes time.

One thing we wanted to share was some images we took on a day trip up to Malmsbury recently, our main objective was to be tourists (with an American, a Brit and a Senegalese, the changes of them seeing this beautiful town and surrounds in Autumn previously were slim to none) 

Jess and Daryl posed in various stock we have, combined together with nature to give off a strong autumnal feeling, and in some cases, witchy feeling. Jess and Daryl have teams up before for our Terrible Twos photoshoot and are also good friends of Jacqui’s.

Anyway, have a look through the images and click on the links below to be take to the pieces.

***NOTE: Yeah, we know looking at the blog on phones royally fucks the images, we don’t know how to fix it, try to view this on a computer if possible, unless you like stretchy images, then, well, carry on. ***

14 10 9 20

Daryl wears our Beach Maxi – currently on sale for $40 from $69 and Sitri Sheer Top

Jess wears our Monochrome Mod Dress


6 17

Jess wears our Black Velvet Crop and our Ponyboy Skirt (only 2 sizes left, not up on website, but we have a size 6 and size 8 left)

Daryl wears our Naberius Sheer Top, Zenith Bolero and Lantern Pencil Skirt – reduces to $50 from $70

3 12 4 15

Jess and Daryl wear our Naberius Sheer Top and Silk Maxi  – reduced to $50 from $90

21 2 16

Jess wears our Reverse It Capeonly one size M left and reduce to $110 from $150, and both ladies are wearing our Button Fly Flares – reduced to $90 from $120 and only one size 12 left!

So that’s it from us here in cold Melbourne, next blog post we’ll here from Vinh, our intern, detailing her experience in managing and overseeing the production of our latest collection in Saigon.

Love, The PHO sizzle Team

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