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Funny story, but one of Jacqui‘s best friends Kristie has a gazillion nicknames. Some people are like that, they just collect them. One of her many nicknames is K-Fizz (or K-Fizzle) and, no, we don’t know why, but it’s gotten so far down the vortex of nicknames now that we often call her Fizz Knuckle, so… you know…yeah.  Anyway, we HAD TO name this post K-Fizzle for PHO sizzle as it features the amazing Kristie, a.k.a K-Fizzle rocking one of our brightest twinsets– the Candy Star Crop and Skirt! So, we’ll let the images speak for themselves, but it was a warm spring day and some African wax and heart motif outfits certainly made it brighter!!

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Kristie wears: Candy Star Crop in size 12 (size 6 to 20 still available) and our Candy Star Skirt in size 14 as a hip sitting skirt instead of a high waisted skirt (size 12 is sold out, but other sizes are still available).

We love how bright and bold this distinct star print African wax twinset looks, the heart pocket and cut out make it an adorable summer loving look!

In Other News:


Exciting that our lovely Mix N Match Marine Collection model Debra, that we spoke about here, came third place in Australian Supermodel of Year competition, and was sporting her gorgeous red PHO sizzle sash all around Sydney Town! We are so proud of her!! 😀 


Also, we’ve updated our Customer Care page to clearly explain where we stock in Melbourne, and we’ve been updating our Press page as it happens. Stage 2 of our Mix n Match Marine collection is almost all in Melbourne and ready to be unleashed to the public, we’re just ironing out a few bumps and actually waiting for a few more deliveries. We do already have some of Stage 2 for sale at Design A Space Fitzroy and Windsor in sizes 6 to 16, if you are keen. Stage 2 of this collection is extremely exciting because as well as some vivid African wax, we’ve also got fabrics that our awesome Graphic Designer concocted and that we got printed ourselves! If you follow us on instagram, you’ll know that this means – tentacles and more lantern fish and DEEP SEA LIFE, cos, let’s go DEEP nautical! 

In other news, we have opened up an Etsy Shop as another way to purchase products and get our name out there. While we’d obviously prefer you purchase them from here, it does help to get our finger into as many pies as possible. 


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Also, Jacqui has been blogging up a storm at Fashion & Pho and wearing our white-out outfit for maximum wedding-esque looking pictures 😉  – an oversized white Cora Crop and Beach Maxi. If you’re interested in this Cora Crop, our advice is HURRY! Ha! Aside from the plus sizes, the other sizes are selling extremely fast! Jacqui has also put together a nifty guide about HOW TO WEAR AFRICAN WAX on her personal blog, you should take a look at it if you are stuck with this uber bright trend!

One more thing we have to mention, which actually breaks our hearts, but, we probably won’t be continuing our current sizing range after this collection. Our sales have indicated that the plus sizes we offer (16 – 20) just are not selling as well as we thought. After releasing the beginning of our Teaser Collection, we had many requests to increase our sizing range to include plus sizes, and we listened and brought in size 18 and 20. For whatever reason we are rarely able to sell our pretty designs in these sizes, perhaps the market is already saturated with plus size options with African wax and bold prints, or perhaps our designs don’t meet what plus size women crave, but as a TINY business that wouldn’t even be classified as ‘small’ yet, we cannot keep producing clothes if people don’t buy them. We loved providing the option for sizes bigger than a 16 and we wanted most women to be able to wear our clothes, but unfortunately, unless sales drastically change for those sizes, we don’t really see the point in continuing. Sorry everyone who has supported us in those sizes!! <3

So, that’s all the news for now! We have an amazing fashion show on Friday night with RAW that we are still madly prepping for – we’ll be unleashing Stage 2 of Mix n Match in a most tremendously over-the-top show! We’ll leave you with a beautiful picture our talented graphics guy Cuong drew for Jacqui a while ago when we were considering bringing out t-shirts:



Love, The PHO sizzle team 

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