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Well, here at PHO sizzle we’ve been pretty quiet on the outside, but madness has been happening behind the scenes! In particular we can now claim we are truly a global company as we now have have people spread out over four countries working with us. So, if you imagine a map of the world, we are kinda popping up at all corners – and Jacqui pretty much works on four time zones – Australia, Senegal, Vietnam and Sweden, and doesn’t sleep much, consequently.  

As well as Vietnam and Australia, we work closely with Senegal and now our Technical Designer has moved to Sweden! We knew Tran was moving and will continue to work with her remotely via a lovely thing called the interweb, and her workers will continue to make our clothes in our workroom in Hanoi. This move doesn’t really change anything, it just means we have to be a tad more organized as the design sketches and patterns are flying from Melbourne to Sweden to Vietnam via a flurry of emails. It also means our lovely logistics manager Hoa has a lot more responsibilities (in between her university work), which we know she can handle cos she’s awesome!  

So, aside from slow global domination, here is the other news:



PHO sizzle certainly has more of a summer vibe to its clothes because of our distinct African Wax in vibrant colors, even though most of our designs can be worn in any season with some inventive layering, we thought we’d try for some more cold weather designs for the Australian winter. So far we have two new designs, but we also have a winter two piece and another skirt on the make now, hopefully coming by early July. Let’s take a look at our gorgeous model Carly in our new threads:

Maxi Tribe Skirt


This tribal maxi is actually still pretty multi-seasonal, because it is long and can be worn with boots and tights, but is still a lightweight and silky fabric – hence it could be that summery maxi you don’t take off and wear all summer long at the beach. It has two side splits so you can move around easily, and show off your legs, it is also an elastic waist that was designed as high waisted, but you could wear it hipster style if you wanted. This is the perfect winter boho addition to a wardrobe that is comfy too. Our designer loved the tribal pattern and the black, white and grey colors that match everything so much that she asked her fabric shopper to snaffle the end of the fabric roll. This means that there is only one of each size!  It is only $45 with free shipping inside Australia.



Love Mod Dress


 We can’t even begin to explain how happy we are with this frock! The checked pattern fabric drew Jacqui in and then she knew she had to make something 60s, something Mod and something timelessly cute! It is made of a thick jersey fabric that certainly lends itself to the cooler months, and with the white trim around the arms and collar, and drop waist with cute white heart pocket it makes us kind of feel slightly Moon Girl or Austin Powers, but in the best way! The white lining also adds another layer of warmth for winter dressing.  It is actually quite big for its size (the opposite of the I Heart Parasols dress which we recommended sizing up for) and isn’t super tight around the waist, for more of an a-line, and very 1960s silhouette. We have 2 of each size for this baby and it’s $79 with free shipping. You know you wanna go-go dance your way through winter…admit it! 


 So, these are our two new pieces, with limited stock and will be stocked online and in Design A Space over the next few months. Aside from these, as we mentioned, we also have 3 more pieces coming- a winter two piece including a skirt and funky bolero jacket and a pencil skirt. All in amazingly vibrant African wax, because even though we do love monochrome, we love bright and bold patterns and African Wax more!  We may add that the winter two piece is going to be so freaking amazing as Jacqui found fabric with bright yellow lobsters… and in chocolate brown…. its gonna be epic! 


In other news Jacqui, Tran, Hoa, our graphic designer and our other workers are all gearing up for the SS1415 collection. Originally it was going to be 14 pieces, but Jacqui just lost it and kept designing and now we have 18 or 19 individual pieces to prepare.

  • Sizing:

Jacqui is still adamant to expand her sizes to fit a larger variety of women, so, our SS1415 collection will have Australian sizes 6 to 20. This sizing change is based on feedback from size 6s and size 18s and 20s that lament the fact we don’t stock in their sizes, so we thought, ‘well, why the hell not?’ While we’d like to add bigger sizes than 20, we currently don’t have the financial means, or enough interest in our clothing from that sizing range to believe it would be beneficial, but perhaps in the future we will.

  • Mix n Match:

All of our SS1415 collection is designed around the concept of mix n match. This pretty much means you should be able to grab any top half from the collection and wear it with any bottom half. Or, wear the matching top and bottom together as a two piece set. We’ve also got some killer dresses with a slight rockabilly theme, as well as more two piece sets than you can poke a stick at! As well as a huge amount of African wax, we also have some lovely lightweight, floaty linens and some fabric we are designing ourselves with the help of our graphic designer and a digital printing factory. 

  • Time:

Based on current estimates we hope our SS1415 range will be launched around the start of October with a lovely party, some nibbles and, of course a fashion parade showcasing our collection. After the launch party we aim to have our threads up on the website the day after, and in Design A Space shortly after that. Obviously we will be organizing more about our launch party closer to the date but Jacqui already has some pretty wicked ideas. We are also searching for women to model our clothes for us for this launch party and also promo pictures. We already have 4 volunteers (ranging from size 6 to 12) but we are still after about 3 more. We must emphasis that we aren’t looking for models, but ordinary women that want to prove that our clothes suit anyone and perhaps like looking fabulous! Please email us if you are interested.

So, that is we’ve got to tell you at the moment, make sure you check out our new stock, and thanks again to the lovely Carly for modelling our monochromatic threads. 




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