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 We are pretty excited here at PHO sizzle because Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is just around the corner, and we are taking part in two shows! This is such lovely news for us – we are less than six months old and never dreamed to have this opportunity in our first year, or even our second! So, we are all super chuffed and rather flustered as we run around trying to finalize designs are try to have skype meetings with all of us together.


Firstly, let us tell you a little bit more about one of the events we are taking part in. On the 7th of September at 6pm, PHO sizzle will join other designers in a celebration of runway, poetry and fashion at The Orchid Room. The ARTZ run show will have models showcasing pieces from emerging (like us) and established designers on the runway, and after each collection, a poet will do a spoken word performance inspired by the designers pieces. Doesn’t that sound lush? I wonder what they’ll say about all PHO sizzle’s bright and distinct African Wax? 😀 Anyway, tickets are available here and you can read more about this event here. And one more thing – seeing this promotional poster with our name on it makes us squeal with joy! Even Tomi.



We’ll tell you more about our second event at MSFW a little later, but we also wanted to tell you what else has been going on. In other news, one of Jacqui‘s blogger friends Barbara modeled in one of our first ever teaser pieces recently! Remember the iconic I heart Parasols dress we released way back on April 1st? Well, Lady Parisienne rocked our frock and blogged about it. You should check out how gorgeous she looks roaming the streets of Paris in summer, while we freeze here in Melbourne! Her blog entry is here. Check it out!

IMG_3387 IMG_3428

As well as the lovely Lady Parisienne blogging in our clothes, Jacqui‘s also shuffled herself into our Lobster Bolero and Lobster Tea Skirt for her own blog Fashion and Pho and generated some extra interest in this set, particularly in the plus size community, since it does go up to size 20. You can check out her post about it here





The final piece of news we have is we have signed up for a lot more markets between now and Christmas time. We’re planning on being regularly at Rose St Artists’ Market in Fitzroy, since our clothes are also sold in Design A Space down the road at 212 Brunswick Street. Keeping it all in the Fitzroy bubble for now, especially since it’s close to Jacqui’s house. We’ll be there quite a lot on various Sundays and have the full list below. Also, it is pinned to the top of our facebook page if you are ever wondering when Jacqui will be there. 



Also, since our Gold Ponyboy Crop and Skirt has sold out of size 8s, 10s, and 16s, and since we have a tiny bit of fabric left, we will be making another run of this, but we seriously don’t have much fabric left, and if you have tried to buy African Wax recently, you’ll know it is sold out almost everywhere. Lucky we held onto this Year of the Horse fabric. So, there will be some more of this coming sometime soon. We aren’t sure of exact dates, or how many of each we can actually make… and we don’t usually do reruns as we rarely will have left-over fabric, we are a baby sized company after all, why would we hold onto excess fabric when we could make pretty things with it?


The final bit of news while Jacqui, Tran and Hoa run around madly trying to get our SS1415 collection finished, Tomi has decided to revamp the site. This is to make this blog easier to access, and to iron out the kinks of viewing it on a phone, as well as trying to make our site more of an ‘experience’ rather than merely a shopping cart. That sounds wanky, but doing those Winter Clash Style Book series made us realize that we enjoy showcasing different ways our clothes can be worn, as well as providing the platform for selling them. 

So, that’s all from us,

Lots of love, the PHO sizzle team.

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