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There were far too many good pictures from Jacqui, Leah and Sangeetha’s road trip to Seven Hills Tallarook to shoot our Year Of The Goat Lookbook. While the finished pictures are polished and glorious, surely when any kind of animal is involved, there will be lots of funny pictures, with goats, of course there are going to be hilarious shots! . Taylan, the farmer at Seven Hills, was kind enough to drive us round to various locations so Jacqui could get pretty pictures and also allowed us to pet his goats and, in some cases, feed them. Let’s take a look at some of the cute pics! 


The Friendliest Goat

bts5 bts6


During some Cape photos we had a very friendly goat that insisted on being in the pics, and generally not in a particularly photogenic way, or you could argue, and exceedingly photogenic way, I guess it depends on which way you look at it.  After our friendly goat, the rain really started in, so we went and hide under the goat shelter for a while, much to the confusion of the rest of the goats in this paddock.

bts7 bts


This pic, which we’ve already shown on our instagram, show exactly the type of misty rain we were dealing with during this part of the day. 


A view from Taylan and Megan’s farm with a lone goat grazing in the foreground. 

The ‘pretty’ goats

insta3 bts8

After the rain, we drove to another paddock with another bunch of goats. These ones were promised to be fluffy and even cuter than the last, which kind of reminded us of that Simpsons scene where the lambs at the Petting Zoo get increasingly cuter and cuter. Unlike the last herd of goats, which had sheep and alpacas thrown into the mix, this paddock just had around 10 goats, to get there we drove past paddocks of piggies and more alpacas too, as well as such lovely views- seriously, this farm is stunning! 


The trusty steed that transported us around the farm. 

Down By The Creek

insta1 insta2 bts1

The final location on the farm was down by a beautiful creek, the lush green grass and old trees begged to be climbed, which turned out well for the sake of photos. Taylan and his son rounded up some goats into this paddock for us too and we commenced to get the final pics for our lookbook, and thankfully the rain had stopped. 

Big Thanks!

bts12 bts13

Leah and Sangeetha are great to work with and we’d like to thank them so much for a fun filled day with lots of laughs, as well as cute pictures. Also, thanks to the great farmers at Seven Hills Tallarook farm  for providing us with goats, hospitality, and beautiful scenery. 🙂 

We hope you enjoyed some snaps that didn’t make the final cut of our lookbook.

We’ll be updating soon with the status of our Lollygaggers Capsule collection coming out in July!

Love, the PHO sizzle team





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