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Just before Christmas, or just after, (who knows? it was the mad panic of Christmas time anyway) we brought in a new option to reward our regular customers, and anyone who wants to be a regular customer. 😉 After many long and caffeinated discussions between the co-directors Jacqui and Tomi, we decided to introduce the United Sass Membership.  From the very beginning we’ve had regular and loyal online customers whose support and kind words have really propelled us to where we are now, many of these returning online customers aren’t from Melbourne so they are relying on our promise of good quality and fit, until their packages arrive at their door. We truly wanted to work out how to say ‘we love you’ to these babes who took a chance of a mushrooming indie brand. So, read below to see the benefits of becoming a United Sass member.


 As we tailor and finesse our direct trade manufacturing process, it became apparent we should allow and encourage our loyal and regular customers to be able to preorder collections, especially with limited editions. Many of our collections end up being limited because of a myriad of reasons ranging from our fabric supple chains being fickle AF, general selling predictions, cost limitations and our seamstresses’ production capabilities. By allowing our members to preorder anything from our upcoming collections with a deposit system we are trying to encourage the slow fashion movement which is deep at Jacqui’s heart.

We’re hoping our customers can experience the joy of waiting and anticipation for an item they hopefully will love with all their soul when it does arrive, it counteracts the concepts of instant shopping gratification and then possible buyers remorse and allows PHO sizzle to move towards a more sustainable production technique in terms of orders and limiting waste. They also receive their order before the collection is released in Australia and can show it off with plenty of ‘nyah nyahs’ at the world,  and in some cases they can customize small adjustments like pocket placement or trim options.


We also wanted to try to introduce reward scheme to constantly say CHEERS! While 10% isn’t that much, it can be applied on top of other discount codes and sales and is our small way of saying thank you for ordering online and believing in us.


Jacqui hates spammy emails from companies and has stomped her foot numerous times in meetings about exactly when we’ll email customers. Essentially we’ll email members with heads-ups about sales and discount codes and any other relevant news. Vinh or Jacqui will also email you guys about product reviews on purchases, but overall the perk of emails is to get in-the-know before it’s unleashed online. While Jacqui hates spammy emails, she does encourage customers to contact her with queries at


One of the best presents Jacqui and Tomi came up with was a one time 40% off joining present for becoming a United Sass Member. Applying the constant 10% off atop of this means it’s close to 50% off! It deducts the 40% off first, then, 10% off the remaining price, so, it’s a great one-off welcoming gift that hopefully makes people smile with the promise of buying something they like at a discounted price!

In terms of the options and future plans for our United Sass members scheme, we can’t say for sure what other ideas we’ll cook up, but, if any of this sounds interesting to you and you haven’t joined already, jump on board! We want to ensure our customers feel the love we feel when we see a new online order pop up on our emails. Isn’t that corny? But it’s true!

Join our United Sass Membership now!

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